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Herbie: The Beginning
Herbie Meets Johnny
Herbie and Johnny Begin Their Journey
Herbie Meets the Gang
The Vegetables Have an Adventure
Love Begins to Blossom
The Snail


Herbie the Pickle is my newest creation for my web page. I will hopefully add a new story as much as possible, so check back often. Herbie the Pickle was inspired by my friend's super pickle (picture coming soon) you can email her or super pickle at meloncolie@geocities.com) If you would like to receive Herbie the Pickle by email instead, sign up here:

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Herbie: The Beginning

One day on a great cucumber farm, Mrs. Cuke picked a peculiar cucumber. She wasn't sure what exactly was wrong with it, but she knew something was. Now, everyone knows that the peculiar cucumbers are best for pickling, so Mrs. Cuke put the cucumber in a special jar for pickling the next morning.

The next morning, Mr. Cuke pickled the cucumbers in the jar. When the pickles were finished, Mr. and Mrs. Cuke opened up the jar. To their surprise, one of the pickles jumped out of the jar. This had never happened to them before. They fainted and went into shock. The pickle ran away.

Now it just so happened that because this pickle was new, he hadn't the slightest idea about anything. He went to the cucumber plant that he had come from (who in fact was his mother) and wanted to stay there under her shelter. However, the cucumber plant was frightened by this deformed cucumber and exclaimed that it was not her son,

"My son, Herbie, was taken away by Mrs. Cuke! You are not him, he is surely eaten!"

But the pickle was taken away by Mrs. Cuke! He ran away because he didn't like scaring his mother. Then he knew what his name was, it was Herbie.

Herbie Meets Johnny

As Herbie was wandering around trying to find something to do, he saw a little carrot crying. He went up to the carrot and asked what was wrong. The carrot told him what was wrong. He was sad because he had been picked by Mrs. Cuke, but then Mrs. Cuke just threw him down and ran away screaming. Herbie, couldn't see why, the carrot was very normal looking.

"Well," Herbie said, "Mrs. Cuke was probably just jealous, but you can come with me."

"Where are you going?"

"I'm not sure yet, just trying to find something to do."

"Ok, My name's Johnny, what's yours?"

"My name's Herbie."

Now that Herbie found a friend, the two of them set out to find something to do.

Herbie and Johnny Begin Their Journey

Herbie and Johnny walked for hours. Finally, just when Herbie was really beginning to smell bad (the sun was pretty hot, and hot pickles don't smell real great), they came upon a man sitting next to a table. On the table were jars of pickles just like Herbie and plenty of carrots just like Johnny. They really weren't interested in the other vegetables, but there were some of those too.

The man squinted down at them. "Well, well, what have we here?" he asked "Runaway vegetables?"

Herbie and Johnny looked at each other nervously. Humans had never talked to either of them before.

"My name's Herbie, and this is Johnny," Herbie said.

"Well, well," the old man mused. "Herbie and Johnny, eh? C'mon up to the house with me. It's about lunchtime, and I 'magine you want to get out of the sun."

Herbie and Johnny went with the man.

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Herbie and Johnny followed the man for nearly 20 minutes. By this time Johnny was panting, and Herbie was really smelling up a storm. Soon they saw a large wooden house in the distance. Outside the house, they saw a large sign that read: "Smith's Vegetables." This scared Herbie and Johnny, and they decided to flee.

As soon as the old man's attention was diverted from them, they quickly escaped. When the man realized that they were gone, it was too late for him to follow.

Herbie and Johnny ran for quite a while. Soon they could run no longer, and stopped to rest. They found themselves in the middle of a large field. They could not see anything around them, as pickles and carrots are only about 6 or 8 inches long. They began walking, and after some time found themselves surrounded by radishes.

"Gee," Johnny said, "what should we do now? All I see here are radishes!"

"Yeah," Herbie replied, "I know. Maybe..."

"Excuse me." A soft voice had interrupted Herbie. They both turned to see a radish step out from behind some leaves.

"Excuse me, my name is Veronica. Could either of you boys help me out?"

Herbie and Johnny just stared. She was the most beautiful radish they had ever seen. Little did they know it, but an incredible adventure was about to begin. They both took their first step forward...

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Herbie Meets the Gang

Herbie began to blush as he realized that this beautiful radish was smiling at him. He got a cocky look on his face and said, "How can I help you my dear?"

"Well, I've been looking all over for this place I've heard of from the other vegetables. It's called Veggie Farm, and I've heard that many happy vegetables like you and I live there."

"Really?" Asked Herbie. He had almost completely forgotten that Johnny was there.

"What other vegetables are you talking about?" Johnny asked, puzzled. He could see no other vegetables around.

"Come out guys!" Veronica yelled into the group of leaves behind her. The leaves began to rustle and soon a large tomato, a head of lettuce, and an ear of corn stepped cautiously out.

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The Vegetables Have an Adventure

"Hello. What are your names?" Herbie said as he stood smiling at Veronica.

The tomato walked briskly up to Herbie and firmly shook his hand. "Hello. My name is Larry. She's Melissa" he said pointing to the head of lettuce. "And that over there is Willy"

"Nice to meet you." Willy, the ear of corn said. Melissa simply blushed and kept her eyes focused on Johnny.

"So, have you ever heard of the Veggie Farm?" Veronica asked them.

Just then a large dog came around the corner. He saw the vegetables and licked his lips. The dog, a Irish Setter named Boots, was approaching Johnny and looking at his long, green hair sprouting out of his head. "Johnny, RUN!" Herbie cried loudly. Johnny peeked over his shoulder and saw a large, black nose sniffing his head.

"AAAAH!" The group of vegetables took off running. The dog was snapping its jaws trying to get a bite out of any of the vegetables. Suddenly Herbie heard a terrified yelp and saw Veronica lying on the ground with a weed tangled around her legs.

"I'll save you, Veronica!" Herbie yelled. He ran back and scooped her up into his strong, green arms just as Boots got a mouthful of dirt.

Soon a tree came into view and Willy exhaustedly gasped, "Up the tree! Quick!"

One by on the vegetables scrambled up the rough bark and sat on the first branch out of reach for the dog. As they sat there panting and gasping for air, Veronica laid her delicate head on Herbie's shoulder and smiled up at him...

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Love Begins to Blossom

Herbie looked down at Veronica and began to blush. Even through his dark green skin. Boots soon became bored and sniffed around the tree, and then walked away disappointed.

"Is everyone okay?" Johnny asked everyone.

A chorus of "Yes's" was heard and a few deep sighs of relief.

Veronica cuddled up closer to Herbie and looked straight into his eyes. "Thank you for saving me, Herbie." She smiled sweetly and batted her eyelashes.

"Uh...no problem." Herbie replied nervously.

A few inches away, Melissa was cuddled up to Johnny, shaking. "Oh, Johnny, I was so scared!"

Johnny blushed. "It's okay, Melissa. You're okay."

Larry was walking around on the branch checking out everyone's bruises and scratches. He reached Veronica and began to examine her ankle where the weed had caught her.

"This is going to be sore. I don't think you should put much weight on it." Larry said.

"I can help her walk!" Herbie jumped in.

"Then that settles it. Let's get going everyone!" Larry instructed.

They all crawled down the thick trunk and started on their journey to the Veggie Farm.

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The Snail

As Herbie and his newfound friends started down the long and treacherous road to their destination, a have from the monstrosities of the outside world, a sudden realization dawned on them. There would be many unconquerable enemies along the way. Seeing as they were all insignificant little vegetables who could barely keep their balance, they came to the conclusion that some means of defense would be necessary. So, along they walked, through the thick, warm grass. As they dazedly trod through the foliage, a trail of golden colored dust could be seen. Naturally, the vegetables followed the trail. They crawled along with their noses in the dust until they practically ran into an old, wrinkled snail.

"Aaahhhhh" said the snail, "I knew you would find my path. We all know that bright shiny objects with lots of contrast attract attention." True enough, the contrast of gold dust on green grass and moss was quite noticeable. The vegetables were in a state of utter confusion. See, vegetables aren't too incredibly smart, so this slightly bizarre experience left them all a bit boggled.

"I see, my children, that you are weary from your journey. Come, rest a while in the shade." The wise old snail let them to a giant willow tree. As they sunk down in the shadow of the huge tree, the snail began to explain everything. "My friend, the good fairy, sent word that a group of runaway vegetables was coming down this path. She said that they were young, naive, and defenseless. As I see, you truly are. But, as I was saying, she assigned me to the duty of teaching you the ways of the world, so that you may continue your journey with ease. Now, young grasshoppers, we must go to the tunnel."

At this, Herbie piped up, "We aren't grasshoppers, ma'am!"

"No," said the snail, "but I will refer to you as grasshoppers, for you are green and too eager to jump off into a strange new world, though you are completely unprepared. Now, onto the tunnel . . ." The vegetables cautiously followed the old, wise snail around the willow and past a small creek . . .

This story was submitted by meloncolie@geocities.com, Yes, the proud owner of the pickle that inspired it all, Super Pickle.
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