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hi brigid,
these pictures might take a little while to download. first, there's my dress and shoes for prom. the picture of my dress didn't turn out as well as it couldv'e been. those are feather things around the top. you can't see the whole thing, but it goes down to the ground. the shoes were my mom's and i thought they were so cool. originally i wanted a pink dress, but then my mom had these "barbie" shoes, so then i was looking for a black dress to go with it. in the picture of my shoe, my leg looks kind of strange, but that's because i couldn't put my leg straight and record it at the same time, so oh, well. then the rest of the pictures are my pictures from my photography class. some of those didn't turn out so well either, they look better in real life. like the one of the tickets, that is solarized, but i don't think you can tell in this picture. i have one more picture, but he still has it, it's not that exciting though, just a second, i think the doorbell rang, ok, i'm back, it was my mom. ok, yeah, that's it. i'm going to call you in like a couple hours, but probably i will have already called you by the time you see this, because i'll tell you to look at this when i call you, and probably you won't look at this in those couple hours, ok, well, i think that's all i have to say for the top of this . . . oh, yeah, i didn't make another video because i didn't feel like it. i made a real video that i'm going to send you as soon as i get it back, though, so, yeah, ok, bye.

My Prom Dress

My Shoes

The Evil Hand Attacks an Unsuspecting Little Person

Look at the Marble

Looking Through the Enemy

My Bedknob and Me

Help! My hand has stuff embedded in it

Night in the Park

See the Evil Eye

I've Got the Golden Ticket


ZoŽ #2