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Patient X

     This is Patient X. His identity is being kept a secret to protect him and his family. All patients in The Looney Bin have different cells according to their problem. But today we visit the cell of the most disturbed patient in all of The Looney Bin. His problem is so unusual that we at The Looney Bin cannot give out the name of the problem. We regret this, but to keep the identity of him safe all precautions are necessary. To the left is a picture of his cell. As you can see, not showing the room in full is also a precaution. But you can kind of make out the colors in the room. Colors play a very important roll in the cell of a patient. They determine much of how the patient feels. For each of our patients, we have asked their friends and family what their favorite colors were. We incorporated those colors into the cells.
      A patient spends most of his or her life in the cell. Once a week we let all the patients, that are not in danger of hurting anyone, outside for an hour. Patients are allowed to visit other patients with permission. The patients are never left unsupervised when they are in the company of others. Even when the patients are in their rooms by themselves a 24 hour hidden camera is in their cell. A doctor is always on duty monitoring up to five of these cells. Friends and family are allowed to come visit patients during visiting hours, which change weekly.
     We try to use as little drugs on the patients as possible. However, if a patient misbehaves, we are forced to use drugs to calm them. 5% of the patients admitted into The Looney Bin come out completely cured. 10% of the patients come out fine if they continue using their prescribing drugs. These patients must visit back once every six months. The other 85% remain in The Looney Bin for their whole lives. Patient X is most likely to remain here his whole life.