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     How many times have you found yourself reaching for a diet soda or a piece of sugar-free gum? Did you know that these products contain aspartame, a sugar substitute, better known as NutraSweet? Well, this product isn't as safe as you might think. After reading about the dangers of aspartame, I believe that this product shouldn't be used by the public.
     The most common conplaints of aspartame sufferers are: severe headaches, seizures, vision loss, dizziness, unexplained pain, rashes, extreme fatigue, depression, change of personality, confusion, and memory loss.
     The cause of these symtoms along with five deaths reported to Aspartame Consumer Saftey Network were probably due to the components of aspartame. These components include phenylaline, aspartic acid, and methanol. Phenylalnine has been linked to seizures. In high concentations, aspartic acid could damage the nervous system of chilren. Methanol, better known as wood alcohol, is a deadly poison.
     Not only are the ingredients harmful, but the approval process of aspartame was suspicious.
     In 1969, Dr. Harry Waisman fed seven infant monkeys aspartame mixed with milk. After 300 days, one died and five had grand mal siezures. Searly, the manufatorers of NutraSweet, deleted negative results before submitting it for approval to the Food and Drug Administration, known as the FDA.
     Dr. Arthur Hayes, the FDA commissioner, approved aspartame for use in dry foods in 1981 and in soft drnks in 1983. This was just three months before he left the FDA to work in a division of The Searle Company.
     Another reason not to consume aspartame is it might not help control you weight. According to a study done by the American Cancer Society, people gained more wieght if they consumed artificial sweeteners than if they didn't. This is because the added sweetness actually makes you want more sweets.
     Now that you have heard about the reasons not to consume aspartame, hopefully, you will stop using it.

                                                                                                       --A speech I did in 8th grade (FYI: I'm in 11th now)

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